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By November 19, 2019Microblading

Microblading is a hot trend in the beauty industry. As with any such trend, there are a lot of scams and illegitimate businesses out there who can get a quick certification (or even operate uncertified), and they can put permanent or semi-permanent makeup on unsuspecting clients. Make sure that you are choosing a reputable technician, such as our own Alease Watson at A.W. Brows, based out of central Las Vegas. Microblading is both a technical and artistic procedure, requiring the precision of a tattoo artist and the eye of a professional technician. So, how does microblading work?

Microblading Tools

Microblading is performed on the eyebrows with a small hand tool that utilizes tiny microneedles to form a “blade.” This blade is used to apply semi-permanent pigment to the eyebrow, which can last anywhere from 12 to 24 months. Yearly touch-ups are recommended.

You should verify that your technician uses a disposable tool so that everything is sanitary and sterilized. We recommend hand tools over an electric tool. However, each technician has their own opinion on the matter.

Microblading Techniques

We recommend that you find a technician who uses hand tools. The microblade tool uses microneedles to create a “blade,” which is then used to create strokes in the skin resembling hair. These strokes are filled in with pigment, creating a natural-looking, filled in brow. Microblading is a semi-permanent technique, requiring touch-ups, and should not resemble a tattoo. A tattoo uses ink, which is permanent and fades to unflattering green and blue shades, while microblading uses pigment, which simply fades to a lighter color.

Microblading aftercare should be taken seriously, and a reputable technician will go over all of the things you need to know about how to take care of your eyebrows after microblading. Of utmost importance is making sure you don’t sweat. Avoiding exercise, tanning beds, hot tubs, and even spicy food is essential to make sure that you don’t sweat away some of the pigment. You will also want to take care to avoid touching your eyebrows for three days following the procedure, as you should consider the microbladed area an open wound, vulnerable to infection. Your technician will go over more guidelines in more detail.

If you are licensed in the beauty industry and want to add microblading to your repertoire, you will want to be taught by the best in the business.

Best Microblading School in Las Vegas

You may be wondering where to go in central Las Vegas for your microblading needs. At A.W. Brows and Lashes we have an extensive portfolio, experienced technicians, and high-quality pigments and tools. We offer microblading, as well as some of the best classes and training in the area.

Microblading Prices Las Vegas

Microblading prices vary widely across central Las Vegas, but A.W. Brows has competitive pricing for the level of service! Microblading starts at $250, with touch-ups starting at just $100. If you are a technician seeking training, prices start at $900 for an apprenticeship, up to $1200.

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